LARICA Metal Rosin

Seitz Rosin Manufacturer is the producer of
LARICA Metal Rosins since 2008. They are based of the original formula used for Liebenzeller’s Metal Rosins. By keeping to the details of the manufacturing process, we guarantee the well-known and valued, high-quality product. Each step of the process is thoroughly and carefully done by hand.
The differentiated combinations of Metals with degrees of hardness offer a rich assortment of
LARICA Metal Rosins, which give a unique tone for the specific instrument of your choice.

The LARICA Metal Rosin gives the instrument a large, radiant sound. The good and even sound from the bow, as well as our rosin’s high tolerance to temperature and humidly changes, provides trustworthy support to bring forth music in varying situations. Unwanted sounds are reduced to a minimum, and people with allergies appreciate the low amounts of dust.

To take full advantage of the high quality LARICA Metal Rosin, please keep in mind the following:
Before the first application, clean the bow with a cotton cloth to remove old rosin. Use the LARICA Metal Rosin more sparingly than is ordinarily done, and clean the strings every once in a while with some alcohol on a cotton cloth. Often at the beginning, if too much rosin is used, the bow doesn’t grip as well, and less tone is produced.
By using only Larch resin and the addition of metals by way of a special rhythmical production method, results in the LARICA Metal Rosins whose tone is livelier, warmer, greater, brighter and more radiant. Depending on the metal added, there are a variety of differentiated sound qualities.

The LARICA Metal Rosins can be ordered through Violin makers, at music shops or directly through:

Lothar Seitz
Hügelweg 59,   4143 Dornach / Switzerland
Telefon:       +41 61 706 43 94
Fax:            +41 61 706 42 15



Metal Components

The ingredient Gold gives the LARICA Metal Rosin an especially balanced characteristic. The tone is full, harmonious, round, warm, voluminous, and at the same time, radiant and clear. It is most suited to give the instrument a variety of colorful tones.

The addition of Meteoric Iron brings forth a powerful and shining tone. The quality of sound in comparison to the Gold is more focused and energetic.  This Rosin is favorable for solos because the tone carries well over long distances.

Rosin with the addition of Tin, in comparison to Gold, gives the instrument a warmer and more concentrated, clear tone. It maintains full, smooth, radiating sound in higher ranges.

Silver as an addition, gives a brighter tone color. Its character is rather slender, concentrated and smooth. In higher ranges, it keeps a pleasant sound.ww

The addition of Copper gives an instrument a very warm, graceful and velvety tone. The rosin made with Copper is very supportive for beginning players.